ABB KM26S/54IN/SS6/0001, Magnetic Level Gauge, SS, 54in

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Side Mounted Magnetic Level Gauge, 0.25 Specific Gravity, Full vacuum to 5000 PSI Pressure, -320 to 1000°F/-195 to 538°C Temperature KM26S.SS6.SS6.B2.GE.GE.B2.P053.SR21.SR21.P053.M1P.B-FXX.RD.GR Features: • Highly visible level indication with no process fluid in contact with the glass • All construction in-house by code certified welders • Float designed and weighted for maximum accuracy with 75 grams minimum upward buoyant force • Transmitter and switch options which can be installed, adjusted and maintained with no process interruption • Safe for corrosive, flammable, toxic, high-temperature and high-pressure applications • Rugged design – low or no maintenance Specifications: • Universal sensor input – RTD, thermocouple, O, mV • Various sensor error-calibration possibilities – One point, two point, Callendar-van-Dusen • Sensor backup / automatic sensor redundancy switching (2 x Pt100 3-wire connection) Applications: • Oil • Water • High and low pressure separators • Oil and water interface • Acids – hydrofluoric, hydrochloric, nitric, sulfuric, etc. • Refined petrochemical – gasoline, propane, butane, ethylene, etc. • Solvents – acetone, toluene, xylene, naphtha • Gas condensate • Heat transfer fluids – dowtherm, therminol and glycol • Black, green and red liquor • Refrigerants • Alcohols • Caustics • Chlorine • Steam condensate – boiler feedwater heater boiler drum level control • Bitumen • Vacuum tower bottoms • Ammonia • Liquid sulphur • Most liquid to liquid interfaces


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