ABB 10A6131AB2B1X00AAEXBAE11, ABB 10A6100 Variable Area Flowmeter

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ABB 10A6100 Variable Area Flowmeter, Global Purgemaster, 1/4in NPT Process Connection, 3in Scale, Carboloy Float Material, In-Line (Pipe) Mounting, 1/4in Dia. Tube Size, Direct Reading The Purgemaster Purge Meters are low capacity variable area flowmeters for both liquid and gas with an excellent selection of material and scale lengths in a single product family design. They provide optimum flexibility with minimum component proliferation. The meter features a corrosion resistant, high strength stainless steel body, quick, easy snap-in tube construction and a safety tested operator protection shield. The Purgemaster is ideal for such applications as the purging of control lines and instrument enclosures. Their use is easily extended into fluid sampling, liquid specific gravity, and level measurement and similar services. Features: High Strength Stainless Steel Body • Rigid construction to maintain tube alignment and resistance to pipe strain. “Snap-in” Tube Construction • Minimizes the downtime needed to clean the meter tube or to change the meter range. Optimum Variety • Available in 1-1/2, 3, 5, and 10 inch scale lengths and end fitting materials of stainless steel and KYNAR Internal Back check • Restricts back flow and draining of process fluid when metering tube is removed. (Not available with outlet control valve.) Control Valve • The optional control valve provides a smooth fine degree of adjustment. Versatile Flow Controller • The optional Differential Pressure Regulator is designed to give reliable flow control regardless of changes in upstream pressure. Adjustable Alarms • Single (min. or max.) or Dual (min. & max) alarm sensors are adjustable over the entire meter range. *** This product is highly customizable. This is a common configuration but if it does not meet your unique needs, please contact us for a quote on your exact configuration. ***


Item Specifications

  • In-Line
  • 1/4 in NPT
  • 3 in
  • Direct Reading
  • 1/4 in
  • 1.5 lbs per EA

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