ABB 10A3200 Variable Area Flowmeter, Armored Purgemeter

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ABB 10A3200 Variable Area Flowmeter, Armored Purgemeter. The armored variable area flowmeter offers new possibilities for metering small flowrates of liquids and gases. The instrument is particularly well suited for metering cloudy, opaque or aggressive fluid. Applications: The instrument can be installed in Chemical, Petrochemical Industries, gas analyzers, process systems, well systems and wherever glass meter tubes cannot be used for safety reasons. Essential Features:

    • Measures ranges from 0.26 to 800 GPH water or 1.7 to 3300 SCFH air.
    • Easy to read percent or direct reading scale.
    • Integral needle valve in the inlet or outlet (10A3220).
    • Single and/or dual alarms
    • Analog output signal 4-20 mA (10A3250/55)
    • Differential pressure regulator (10A3220)
    • Installation length only 90 mm (10A3220)
    • Optional stainless steel indicator housing

*** This product is highly customizable. Please contact us for a quote on the exact configuration to meet your needs. ***



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