ABB 10A32-0009, ABB 10A3200 Variable Area Flowmeter

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ABB 10A3200 Variable Area Flowmeter, Armored Purgemeter, Vertical Screw Connection, Viton O-Rings, Polycarbonate Cover, Pipe Mounting, 1in NPT, 2500 l/h Flow Range, Direct Reading, Standard Float Design 10A32.2.5.D.A.4.A.0.A.0.A.1.P. Function • The armored variable area flowmeter offers new possibilities for metering small flowrates of liquids and gases. The instrument is particularly well suited for metering cloudy, opaque or aggressive fluids. Applications • The instrument can be installed in Chemical, Petrochemical Industries, gas analyzers, process systems, well systems and wherever glass meter tubes cannot be used for safety reasons. Essential Features • Measures ranges from 0.26 to 800 GPH water or 1.7 to 3300 SCFH air. • Easy to read percent or direct reading scale. • Integral needle valve in the inlet or outlet (10A3220). • Single and/or dual alarms • Analog output signal 4-20 mA (10A3250/55) • Differential pressure regulator (10A3220) • Installation length only 90 mm (10A3220) • Optional stainless steel indicator housing *** This product is highly customizable. This is a common configuration but if it does not meet your unique needs, please contact us for a quote on your exact configuration. ***



Item Specifications

  • Pipe
  • 1 in NPT
  • 2.36 in
  • Direct Reading
  • 1 in
  • 4 lbs per EA

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